Register a Seller Account

Registering with beaut-e couldn't be simpler. Create your beaut-e account and give your shop a unique name, and you're ready! There are NO FEES for opening an account with us.


Open your beaut-e Shop

All beaut-e seller accounts offer a FREE Shop, where sellers can upload their own branded banners, giving their shop front a beautifully personal feel. Each shop is also provided with a beaut-e badge for sellers to add to their own websites and blogs to help promote their items.


Start Selling

Once your shop is created, you're ready to start listing your lovely items! Each shop can list items under any of the beaut-e categories. More information on what you can sell on beaut-e.


Want to know more about selling on beaut-e?

What can I sell on beaut-e?
If you love making your own beauty products the beaut–e is the place for you. More details on what you can sell on beaut-e.

How much does it cost?
It’s completely free to join beaut-e! There are no sign-up costs. To list an item on beaut-e will cost you 17p. The listing lasts for one year, or until the item is sold out. Find out more about selling fees.


I'm not from the UK. Can I sell on beaut-e?
Absolutely! beaut-e is an international marketplace, open to sellers from around the globe.

How will my customers pay me?
We currently use PayPal for all online transactions. You'll need to have a PayPal account ready before you can start selling on beaut-e. Registering an account is easy - read more.