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Homemade Soaps

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Whether you love making your own beauty products, buying them as gorgeous treats for yourself or others, beaut–e is the place for you.

Buy & Sell - Handmade

The 'Handmade' section is for... yes you've guessed it... any product that have been handmade including soaps, creams, essential oils, lip balms, body butters, bath bombs, aromatherapy oils, accessories and much much more! Whether it's organic, 100% natural, paraben & SLS free, all we ask is that sellers are clear on the ingredients so that you know what you're buying.


Be Inspired & Make

Do you ever think 'Now how did they make that?' when you open up something beautiful and fragrant? Well, we always do, and we love to know the tricks and surprising ways to make your own products, or to know how the lovely jubbly things you have bought were all put together. We want to share with you, and for you to share between yourselves, how all this gorgeous stuff is made!